20 Jan 2020

Speak to me hashtag without filter : PM Modi

PM Modi today interacted with the student, parents and teachers  'Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020' at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. Increasing competition has led to increasing stress among students.The programme aims at getting students prepared for exams, do not come under stress, and give exams in a calm atmosphere and get better results.Along with exams, he discussed about life beyond exams and academics.

Interaction without filtration

In the very beginning of his interaction he made it very clear to speak to him without any filter .He made students understand that getting good marks in exams is not everything and they should come out of that thinking that exams are everything, even if you have faced failure, always remember even failure holds a path to success.

Don't let technology control you

PM Modi also had a chat with students on technology and made it very clear that make use of technology and stay updated, but don't let it control or govern you and don't allow it to waste your time. He also insisted on having a room in your house, which is technology free.

Don't be a robot, go for what you like

In a question on importance of extra curricular activities, PM advised students to get themselves exposed to these activities, because not pursuing one can make you like a robot and every student must go for what he or she likes.

Have faith in oneself

And in the end, he urged students to be confident about their own preparations and do not take stress of what others are doing, have faith in yourself.

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