19 Sep 2019

Chair:- Which Can Be Used Anywhere

To make our life smoothly, many resources are available in the market. By using which we experience happiness. Recently a wearable chair in the market, which is known as the wearer's chair, has been launched. This wearing chair will be fitted in the waist and as soon as the person sits somewhere, it will automatically unfold and come in the shape of a chair. This chair is made of cloth and is very light in weight. There are only two small stands in this chair. With whose help we can sit on it.

The weight of this modern chair is about 1.5 kg. And this chair can lift a person's weight up to 120 kg. Talking about the price, this chair is available in the market for 186 US Dollars i.e. 13,240 rupees.  Exact pictures of this chair is unavailable so simple one.

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