28 Sep 2019

Deepak Chaurasia Perfect Reply To Pakistanis In New York

A tweet of  senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia is becoming increasingly viral.  In this tweet Deepak is seen doing live on PM Modi's speech in the UN. In the meantime, some Pakistanis crossing from there passed some comments against PM Modi and India to which Deepak replied that had made whole Indian proud.  And in the middle of live, Pakistanis passing by started shouting slogans against PM Modi and India.  And this was the matter of dignity for the country.  In the midst of live, Deepak replied them back and shut their mouth completely. 

This whole episode was tweeted by Deepak Chaurasia on his twitter handle shortly after.  More than nine thousand people have liked this in a few hours and this post has been retweeted almost two and a half thousand times. Indian users are very fond of this tweet and are also praising it in their own style. 

A user has written on it:- When there is respect for the country, there is no compromise. We may have our own political differences and consensus, but no foreigner should use vulgar language for our Prime Minister, our country, this is not tolerated. At the right time, you gave a perfectly correct answer, @ DChaurasia2312 sir. Very well very well

Another user wrote Proud  Sir, Hindustan Zindabad.

Another user said:- Perfect and suitable answer sir. It is important for Pakistanis to know that no Indian can hear a single word against his country.

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