25 Sep 2019

Fuel Prices Rising On 9th Consecutive Day

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In a major economic development fuel prices are continuously rising on the consecutive 9th day today. The price of crude oil is on the rise and no relief will be seen in the coming days as the world market is continuously looking and watching the crude prices which is not by any means giving relief to the people.

The spike in the fuel prices started from the day of the drone attack in Saudi Arabia, which has disabled 5% of the total supply of world economy.  

In Delhi, petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged on Tuesday, with petrol at Rs 74.13 per litre and diesel at Rs 67.07 per litre.  Mumbai seems to be one of the worst-hit with petrol touching Rs 79.79 per liter and diesel Rs 70.37 per liter on Tuesday. 

The prices remained unchanged in Mumbai on Wednesday. Saudi Arabia is the fifth in oil import and India is its largest importer.  It buys around 2,00,000 tonnes of its Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) every month from Saudi Arabia

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