14 Sep 2019

Precious Diamond Found In Madhya Pradesh

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Panna district of Madhya Pradesh is known for good quality diamonds in the world. No one knows who and when anyone become king working in the land of diamonds i.e. Panna. In the last 10 days, four diamonds have been deposited in the diamond office in Panna. Recently another precious diamond has been found in Panna.

According to the information received, Brijesh Kumar Upadhyay has found a high quality precious diamond of 29 carat 46 cents, which he has been deposited in the diamond office, from his leased mine under Krishnakalyanpur of Panna.  The fate of Brijesh has brightened by the diamond.

Brijesh said that he had leased the mine  and on Friday while he was washing and drying the rubble which came out of the mine, he saw a glittering stone and Brijesh took it to diamond office and handed over the diamond to the officer present there.  Who checked it and told him that this diamond is of high quality and would be highly priced and after that he had deposited it in the diamond office who will put it in the auction.

Estimated tentative price of the diamond is somewhere around 2.5 crores.  At the same time, the diamond officer said that this diamond is of very good quality, which will cost in crores.

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