18 Sep 2019

Union Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan Gets Adulterated Apple

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In the market, it is common to sell fruits and vegetables made of artificial colors and chemicals. But when the Union Minister himself becomes a victim, then action is taken against the one who sells the fruit.

The incident happened with Union Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan who expressed his desire to eat salad on Sunday and asked his staff to arrange Russian salad. The staff started the process of making Russian salad. Meanwhile, Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan also instructed one by one to wash all the fruits properly.
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Following the instruction of the minister, the staff began to wash the fruit closely, but when it was washing the apple, the apple was slipping by hand when washed with water. After this, the staff scratched the apple with a knife and found it waxed.

Actually, the shopkeeper had applied wax on it to bring out the outer glow in the fruit. Fruits and vegetables are made shiny through artificial colors and chemicals and are sold at high prices in the market. Fruit sellers often use harmful chemicals and waxes to enhance the outer glow of the fruit, in which common people get caught in the bluff.

When the minister asked his staff the reason for not washing the fruit properly, he was told that he had bought apples from a well-known fruit shop in Khan Market. When the minister asked the price of apple, he was shocked to know the price. The staff told them that the apple was bought at the rate of 420 rupees per kg.

After this, the Union Minister called his officials and informed them about the matter. The special thing is that Paswan's ministry itself is responsible for preventing such adulteration.

The department came into action immediately after Paswan's call. The Consumer Ministry team raided the fruit shop in Khan Market from where the fruit was purchased. This team also included officers of their Watt-measurement department. In the raid, officers found wax and chemical on all fruits.

After the raid, the fruit seller's challan was also deducted for violating the rules. Although the shopkeeper says that he had taken the American apple from Azadpur mandi. After the complaint, he immediately removed the fruit from the shop.

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