22 Oct 2019

Viral Post Of Anna Criticized Extensively

A serious social media post of Anna, wife of Congress MP from Kerala Hibi Eden is in the news and going viral today. Anna Linda Eden wrote in her Facebook post that luck is like a rape, if you can't stop it then enjoy it. 

The time when this post went viral there was a lot of criticism of the post and because of the criticism she apologized on her post and quickly removed the post from her facebook wall.   

On Tuesday morning, Anna Linda Aden wrote this post with her husband Eden putting the video on Facebook.  Today morning she has put up a video as well as a photo of her husband and Congress MP Hibi Eden.  And with this post she had written the caption as,"Luck is like rape, enjoy it if you can't stop it."

Actually, Kochi is full of water these days due to rain and this post of Anna is linked to the floods in Kochi.  And this post is seen as mocking the situation in Kochi.

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