28 Nov 2019

Big Event For Bhopal School of Rock

According to the latest reports coming in from the field of music.  A well known musician of the world Steve Gisby's has been on a musical tour in India and after Ludhiana its next stop will be Bhopal.

Bass guitarist, music composer and writer and lyricist Dr Steve Gisby from Brighton will be making a stop in Bhopal on November 28 and 29 to test the calibre of students learning music at the Bhopal School of Rock.

Steve is a well known musician and has performed with bands across the globe and has also made appearances on television in Germany, Holland, France, Canada, Mexico, America and the Middle East.

Steve has earned a BA (Hons) degree in Music and also boasts of a PhD in composition.

The Bhopal School of Rock, affiliated with the Trinity College of Music, London will be conducting exams for its students over the next two days. In all, 39 city students will be taking the exam.

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