25 Nov 2019

Crisis For KamalNath In Madhya Pradesh After Maharashtra

It was obvious that the politics in Maharashtra would give direct and indirect result in the politics of Madhya Pradesh as well.  The political game of Maharashtra is not yet complete, now that the politics of Madhya Pradesh is clouded with crisis. 

This storm came from Twitter of former Union Minister and Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia. Scindia's Twitter left such an eye in the state politics that Scindia started trending on Twitter, the same was also seen in Madhya Pradesh Congress leaders.

Recently, Scindia has changed his post from social media profile. Scindia has changed his post on his Twitter profile. He has described himself as a social worker and a cricket lover. 

Earlier on his profile, Congress General Secretary and MP from Guna Lok Sabha seat and former Union Minister were written. It is being discussed now he will probably leave the Congress. 

Some BJP leaders say that Scindia and his supporters want to make him the president of Madhya Pradesh Congress. But the high command kept him away. It is also believed that if the Maharaja Scindia rebels with the party, then the MLAs of Scindia's camp can go to his behest and if this happens, then the Kamal Nath may be a partisan of the government. At that time Kamalnath government can come in trouble.

In the recent times many statements has come up of Jyotiraditya Scindia due to which it seemed that there was a rift between him and the Congress party. Apart from this, Scindia also supported the Central Government for the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir.

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