26 Nov 2019

Fadnavis Press Conference

According to the latest reports coming in Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has announced to resign from his post as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra just now.  

According to his press conference he has given his resignation as he has lost majority in to prove in the assembly as Ajit Pawar has already backed out and resigned.  

Devendra Fadnavis in  his press conference has said that they had mandate from the voters and Shiv Sena ignored this mandate and bargained with the BJP on the issue of Chief Minister post.  And Shiv Sena had back stabbed BJP and later talked with Congress and NCP and joined hands with them.  

As reported BJP has a mandate of 105 MLA's of BJP.  After this press Conference Devendra Fadnavis will go to Governor house to Submit his resignation.  

According to Fadnavis Shiv Sena agenda is just to get Chief Minister post and not a favor of voters.  Hindutva agenda of the Shiv Sena has confined to the closed doors as shiv Sena has agreed to join hands with Congress and NCP whose agenda from the very beginning was against Hindutva. 

Now Fadnavis has told that BJP will sit in the opposition and will work for the betterment of the farmers.  And will become a strong opposition and will work for the betterment of the people.  

He has also offered his note of thanks to the voters of Maharashtra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had always stood for the betterment of the state, Union Minister Amit Shah, all the MLA's who have worked hard with the party to uplift the people.  He has also thanked the media to the support it has shown for the party.  

This is the second most less days government after Yediruppa government which went down in two days and this government came down in three days.  BJP led Fadnavis government lasted for merely 80 hours.

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