30 Nov 2019

Pragya Challenges Congress Workers

According to the reports coming in Pragya Thakur has challenged the congress workers who have said that they will burn Prgaya alive when Pragya have reportedly given controversial statement regarding Mahatama Gandhi.  

Today Pragya a BJP MP from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh has challenged the congress party worker saying that,"I am coming, if the Congressmen have the courage, then show the flame." 

According to the reports this was Pragya Thakur reply to Congress MLA Govardhan Dangi from Biaora district. She has written on her tweeter that she is not afraid of such threats. 

In this tweet, Pragya has written that Congressmen have an old experience of burning people alive in 1984, when Sikhs were burnt and Naina Sahni in the oven. 

According to Pragya, "Rahul Gandhi called me a terrorist and his MLA Govardhan Dangi will burn me. Okay, so I am coming, Biaora at his residence Multanpura, date 8 December 2019 at 4:00 pm, burn me."

Actually, Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur was talk of all the political corridors but also had dominated the Parliament for two days. 

On the first day, because Pragya called Nathuram Godse as a murderer of Mahatma Gandhi, he was called a patriot. Although she also apologized in the House on her statement, meanwhile, a Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh Govardhan Dangi said that if Pragya Singh Thakur comes here, he would burn her alive. 

Although Dangi later apologized for his statement, but by then Pragya had taken this matter to heart. Therefore Pragya has challenged the Congress MLA by tweeting.

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