13 Nov 2019

Tata Group Gave BJP 356 Crore Of Donation

The donations received by BJP between the years 2018-19 have been revealed. BJP has so far received a total of Rs 800 crore as donation.  

Reports are coming in from Election Commission that BJP have received a donation of Rs 356 Crores in 2018-19 as per to the submitted documents of the party to the election commission.   

The BJP have submitted this information to the Election Commission on 31 October. And same Congress has received a donation of 146 crores rupees.

According to the information received, the BJP has received a donation of about 800 crores in the year 2018-19, through checks and online. The highest of these donations has been given by the Progressive Electoral Trust, an organization controlled by the Tata group. The Tata group has donated about 356 crores to the BJP. 

The Prudent Electoral Trust has donated 67 crores to BJP and 39 crores to Congress. According to the documents filed in the Election Commission, BJP got 12 crore from Hero Group, ITC 23 crore, Nirma 05 crore, Pragati Group 3.25 crore, Micro Labs 3 crore, BG Shirke Construction Technology 15 crore,  Lodha Developers 4 crores, Modern Road Makers 15 crores, JV Holdings 5 ​​crores, Som Distilleries 4.25 crores.

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