29 Nov 2019

Veterinary Doctor Raped, Murdered And Burnt On A Busy Highway In Hyderabad

According to the reports coming in a charred body of a Veterinary doctor was found in the outskirts in Hyderabad.  There have been traces of rape attempt but nothing concrete could be said as the body is charred beyond recognition. 

According to the reports coming in Dr. Priyanka Reddy vehicle was broken and she had called her sister from toll plaza that her scooty has a flat Tyre and she is struck.  She had also feared that she has been stalking and followed by someone.  Moments later her mobile was switched off.  

As per sources she was murdered and then put on fire.   It was around 9:22 PM when she had called her sister.  What's more shocking is the place and time this incident has occurred.  

As it happened on the Shadnagar Hyderabad Bengaluru highway at 9:22 PM , the girl was not only raped, murdered but her body was also put on fire.  However no arrest have been made so far.  Police have registered a case of and investigations are going on.  Police have made 10 teams and investigations are still under way

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