24 Dec 2019

Another Major Fire In Two Different Areas In Delhi In Two Days

Fire is not avading capital city of the country Delhi and every day or the other fire is breaking out in various factories.  Even in such cold weather incidents are happening continuously in the areas of Delhi.  

Earlier also incidents occurred in many areas of Delhi even during the rainy season.  After all, are these incidents any conspiracy?  Now the Delhi Police will be able to tell this only after a strict investigation.

On Sunday night a fire broke out in a warehouse in Kiradi, in which nine people died in the incident.  A 6-month-old girl was also tragically killed in this incident and today a huge fire has started in a shoe factory.

 According to the reports the fire was so terrible that it spread to another factory as well.  However, as soon as the incident came into light the fire tenders reached the spot and controlled the fire. The cause of the fire is not yet known.  The incident is being told about Narela of Delhi.

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