18 Dec 2019

Another Woman In UP Gang Raped

Even after the fire in Hyderabad has not weakened still atrocities against women is not embading.  The cases of atrocities with women across the country is not descending.  Tears of Hyderabad Disha rape case have not stopped yet, a heartbreaking incident has come out from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.  

Here, 35 people raped a woman for one year.  Not only this, the accused also made a pornographic video of the woman, so that he kept blackmailing the woman.  The accused also threatened the woman that if she told anyone, he would kill her husband and children and make her video viral on the Internet.

According to the information received, a woman from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh has alleged that 35 people have raped her.  The woman has told the police that at first 5 people raped her and made objectionable videos.  After this, other people raped her for about a year.  The woman said that some people had entered her house on the pretext of drinking water.  The woman has further told that she used to faint while raping.  When she screamed during the disgusting work before that, the cloth was tied in her mouth.  Not only this, many times, the accused also used to drunk the woman.

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