9 Dec 2019

Benefits Of Hot Cocunut Water

 Dr. Rajendra A. of TATA Memorial Hospital  Budwe insists to drink hot coconut water to avoid cancer. 

As according to latest science hot coconut water can protect you from cancer throughout your life.  Hot Coconut Kills Cancer Cells.

  * Cut 2 to 3 thin coconut pieces in a cup, add warm water, it will become "alkaline water", drink every day, it is good for anyone. 

  * Hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advancement in the effective treatment of cancer in the medical field. 

 * Hot coconut juice has an effect on ulcers and tumors.  Proven to prevent all types of cancer. 

  * This type of treatment with coconut extracts only destroys malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells. 

 * In addition, the amino acids and coconut polyphenols in coconut juice can control high blood pressure, effectively prevent deep vein thrombosis, adjust blood circulation, and reduce blood clots. 

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