13 Jan 2020

Aishwarya Rai Unknown Son?

According to reports coming in from 32-year-old man has surfaced.  This young man has claimed that he is the son of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.  He says that he was born in 1998.  At that time, Aishwarya Rai was 15 years old.  

The name of this person is Sangeet Kumar.  He has claimed in an interview that Aishwarya Rai is her mother and that he was born in London through IVF.  Sangeet Kumar has also claimed that Aishwarya Rai's parents have taken care of him till the age of 2 years.  After this, his father Vedivelu Reddy brought him to Visakhapatnam.  

Sangeet Kumar says that his relatives have destroyed all documents related to his birth.  If documents were there, it would have made a solid claim.  Sangeet Kumar, who claims to be Aishwarya Rai's son, says he wants to shift to Mumbai soon with his mother Aishwarya Rai.

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