23 Jan 2020

Half Humanoid Vyom mitra, India's first unmanned mission :ISRO

Indian Space and Research Organisation(ISRO) unveiled a half humanoid female, Vyom mitra in Bengaluru. This half humanoid will be a part of it's first human space mission,Gaganyaan .

In the inaugral session of the seminar "Human Spaceflight and Exploration- Present Challenges and Future Trends", Vyom mitra was the center of attraction.

The most interesting part was the introduction of the half-humanoid, Vyom mitra. She introduced herself by saying,"Hello everyone. I am Vyom Mitra, the prototype of the half-humanoid, been made for the first unmanned Gaganyaan mission".

Vyom mitra, resembles human body,but without legs.She can speak, talk or even recognize other humans.She will also keep a track of how things are going in space and will also operate life-support activities. Vyom mitra will also talk to astronauts.

ISRO Chief K Sivan also informed that it will be simulating human actions.He further added that two unmanned mission will be sent to the space before the Gaganyaan mission.The first ,mission will take place this year in December and the second mission in the month of June-July in 2021.

Only after the results of the unmanned mission, it will be decided whether to send Vyom mitra or not at the time of launch of first human space mission,Gaganyaan.

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