9 Jan 2020

Is Hemant Soren Puppet Of Lalu

Assembly elections have been held in Jharkhand.  Hemant Soren has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state, but the command of the government is still in the hands of Lalu Prasad Yadav.  Lalu is running the government of Hemant Soren.  Hemant is just a puppet.  We are not saying this, but the pictures that are going viral on social media.  Although Lalu Prasad Yadav is still in the jail but due to treatment, he has been admitted in the RIMS of Ranchi.  But ever since Hemant Soren's government has been formed in Jharkhand, Lalu has been batting all the goals for running the government.

 Sources say that even though Lalu is admitted to the hospital, the politics of the state is going on from the hospital itself.  Some such pictures and a video are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  In which Lalu is surrounded by his workers and leaders in the hospital.  Looking at the video, it looks like the government is running not by Soren but by Lalu Yadav.  By looking at the video, it is also believed that Lalu is now preparing to conquer Bihar after Jharkhand.

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