29 Jan 2020

Pawan Verma and Prashant Kishore Expelled from JDU

JDU has cleared its stand over people who go against the party line. JDU has expelled Prashant Kishore and Pawan Verma from the party..JDU showed its leaders that if they want to stay in the party, they will have to follow the party line, whoever goes against will be kicked out. 

The party has removed both the leaders from the party with immediate effect due to going out of the party line. The party formally gave out this information by releasing a press release.

From last few days, Prashant Kishore and Pawan Verma were not following the party line over CAA and NRC. About this, the party chief Nitish Kumar also said that whomever wants to go,can go. As Prashant Kishore's stance on citizenship law was not in line with Nitish Kumar's party JDU. He is very vocal against the citizenship law and NRC and is strongly opposing. At the same time, JDU's stand is clear with the Central Government regarding citizenship law.

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