3 Jan 2020

Top Baghdadi Commander Shot Dead

According to the reports coming in US has killed eight people including Iran's top commander Qasim Sulemani.  The US military has destroyed Baghdad's airport by storming the Airport.  Hezbullah's property has suffered extensive damage in the attack.  

The US had a tip off from intelligence that Iranian commander Sulaimani is plotting an attack on American citizens, after which this attack has been carried out.

 According to reports, US President Donald Trump had ordered to take defensive action against the safety of American citizens.  He ordered to kill Commander Qasim Sulemani.  

The death of Commander Qasim Sulemani has been confirmed by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran by giving a statement on the government television.  The statement said that Commander Sulemani and Deputy Commander of Popular Mobilization Forces Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed in an attack.

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