28 Jan 2020

University bans lipstick for female students in PoK, will be fined if caught wearing

A University of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ie PoK has issued notice for the female students who study there. The order issued says,no female student is allowed to wear lipstick inside the college campus and whoever tried to do so, will have to pay a fine. Every time  a girl will come to the college campus applying lipstick, she will have to pay 100 rupees as penalty.

The notice is already issued to a student, Musrat Kazmi and has University's coordinator signature on it.The copy of this notice is getting viral all over social media, and the university is being mocked for issuing such strange orders.

A famous journalist of Pakistan also mocked such a strange behavior of the university and tweeted.'The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir bans lipstick for female students, will fine Rs100 if caught wearing.Does that mean the university is ok with male students wearing a lipstick?

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