13 Jan 2020

Will Udhav Resign?

Ever since the Shiv Sena formed the government in Maharashtra, controversy has been going on after obe another.  If some MLAs are angry at not getting ministerial posts, the government minister are not happy with the allocation of portfolios.  

Meanwhile, a statement has come from former Congress MP Yashwantrao Gadakh.  Yashwantrao has said that if the Congress-NCP ministers kept fighting over the bungalows and departments, obstructing the government's work, then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will resign from his post.

This statement of former MP Yashwantrao has stirred the politics of the state.  However, Shiv Sena itself had disclosed that there is a lot of confusion in the government regarding the post of minister.  According to reports 43 MLAs were made ministers in the Maharashtra government cabinet.  There is a lot of tussle over departments and bungalows in government ministers.

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