3 Feb 2020

Anant Hegde Targets Mahatma Gandhi, calls freedom movement a drama

Bharatiya Janata Party MP and former Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde is again in controversy due to his recent statement on Mahatma Gandhi. Anant Hegde was addressing an event in Bengaluru, when he targeted Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation and said that the freedom struggle was not a real movement and it was just a drama

He further added that the drama of the freedom struggle was staged with the consent of the British. The police have not beaten any of these so-called leaders even once. He said that those who supported the Congress say that India got freedom, sacrifice and Satyagraha. The BJP MP said that this is not true. The British did not leave the country due to Satyagraha.

Former Union Minister Anant Hegde said that the British gave independence to India. He didn't stop there and continued to give controversial statement.He said that it's a matter of shame, that people like them become Mahatmas in our country. Hegde has been in controversies earlier too, due to his statements. He tweeted in the past and said that Bengaluru should become the capital of Hindutva.

Let me tell you that Anant Hegde also made a controversial comment about the Constitution. Hegde had said in the year 2017 that we are bound to believe it due to the secular word in the constitution. He said that we respect the constitution, but it will change in future. We will change the constitution.

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