1 Feb 2020

Corono Virus Turned Into Global Emergency

Corona virus is havoc in China.  The infection of the virus is increasing at such a rapid pace that dead bodies are being found on the streets.  It is being told that people are suddenly falling and dying on roads.  So far, more than 250 people have died due to the corona virus in China.  Some pictures of dead bodies found on the streets are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  It is being told that such cases are coming from Wuhan city of China the most.

 According to a report by The Sun, a bicycle rider suddenly fell to the ground in Wuhan, China, when a team of doctors nearby arrived to investigate, he was found dead.  There have been many cases of deaths like this.  About 12 thousand people have suffered from Corona virus in China.  

The World Health Organization has declared a health emergency regarding the corona virus infection.  Recently, Air India aircraft carrying 324 Indians from Wuhan, China reached Delhi on Saturday morning, all the Indians who came to India have been kept under the supervision of the army.  To check all the passengers, the Indian Army has built a ward in Manesar, Haryana, where all Indians have been kept.  A team of qualified doctors and staff have been deployed in this special ward maintained by the army.

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