8 Feb 2020

Famous Industrialist Anil Ambani On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

Anil Ambani, one of the world's richest people who has his identity among the world's riches, has now become bankrupt this statement is as per the lawyers of Anil Ambani's.  Ambani's lawyer has said this in London court.  

The lawyer statement came when an application was filed by the Chinese banks in the London court.  During the hearing on the application, Anil Ambani's lawyer said that now Anil Ambani has gone bankrupt.

 In fact, other banks, including the China Development Bank, Exim Bank, had appealed to the court to issue an order to deposit money by Ambani, stating that Ambani did not comply with the personal guarantee on repaying the old loan of Rs 92.5 crore in 2012.  Banks have demanded recovery of 68 crore dollars from Ambani.  

During the hearing in the court, the judge has ordered Anil Ambani to deposit 10 crore dollars.  And given a deadline of 6 weeks.  During the court hearing, Ambani's lawyer Robert Howe said that Ambani's net worth has come down from 2012.  His investment in 2012 was $ 7 billion, which is $ 89 million today.  If their liability is added then it will come down to zero.

 However, the court judge told Ambani's lawyers that has he had gone bankrupt personally?  Have they made a bankrupt application in India.  After which Ambani's lawyer Harish Salve responded in no.

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