17 Feb 2020

Fresh Death Warrants Issued To Nirbhaya's Convicts

Reports coming in from the infamous Nirbhaya's case where the court has issued a new death warrant to hang the four convicts.  

Today on Monday, the Patiala House Court of Delhi has issued a fresh death warrant for the four in an hearing.  According the court, the culprits will be hanged on 3 March 2020 at 6 am.

 During the hearing in the court, the government lawyer said that the mercy petition of the 3 convicts has been rejected, but the mercy petition and curative petition are yet to be filed by the convict Pawan.  

Along with this, the period of one week given by the High Court has also ended.  Now the plea of ​​any convict is not pending in the court, so the court should now issue the death warrant of the four convicts.

 The counsel for the convicts said during the hearing that the mental state of Nirbhaya's guilty Vinay is not right.  He has given up eating and drinking since 11 February and he is suffering from immense mental pressure.  And said that the matter is serious.  Vinay's lawyer has asked the court to get his medical report.  Also, the lawyer has informed in court that we want to apply the mercy petition of the guilty Akshay.  

Some documents are left pending, as Akshay's family had filed a mercy petition.  If we get a court order, today we will get it signed by Akshay and put a mercy petition before the President.  The lawyer has also said that he had met Pawan in jail, he has expressed his desire to file mercy petition and curative petition.

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