1 Feb 2020

Indians living in Wuhan brought to India this morning

Coronovirus is spreading its leg across the world. Amid fear of coronavirus, Air India double decker Jumbo 747 aircraft has reached Delhi on Saturday morning carrying 324 Indians, bringing them back from Wuhan.These include 211 students and 3 minors. They were sent to the ITBP's Chawla camp in Delhi for 14 days and the army camp in Manesar, Haryana. Earlier there was a slight delay in flying the aircraft from Wuhan Airport. Chinese authorities did not allow 6 Indians to board the aircraft and return to India, due to high body temperature during the screening.

Indian authorities are taking all the necessary measures for the safety of Indians in Wuhan. After the necessary inspection and treatment the remaining 6 Indians will also be sent to India.The number of people died in China due to coronavirus reached 259.

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