4 Feb 2020

Judge Hit By Shoe By Terrorist While Hearing

As per reports coming in from West Bengal.  Here, an alleged terrorist attacked a judge by throwing a shoe during a court hearing.  Although the shoe missed the judge bit hit the lawyer of the National Security Agency, Tamal Mukherjee.  

As per reports an ISIS terrorist Abu Musa appeared in court on Tuesday.  In court, Moses shouted that he does not follow the laws made by humans.  He will not get justice.  After which Abu Musa took off his shoe and threw it towards the judge, although it missed Judge Prasenjit Biswas.

 Reports suggest that terrorist Abu Musa belong to the terrorist organization ISIS and Jamaat ul Mujahideen.  Musa was arrested in 2016 and is accused of radicalizing the youth.  Even before this, Moses has attacked the jail warden in the jail.

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