5 Feb 2020

Mahakumbh Of South India Starting Today

The Mahakumbh Medaram Zatra of South India is starting from today.  Complete preparations have been made for Kumbh.  This Kumbh will run till 8 February.  Today on Wednesday, on the occasion of the beginning of Kumbh, the forest deities will be seated on Saralamma, Pagidiraju posture and will give darshan to the devotees.  

Before the commencement of Kumbh, special pooja was performed at Saralamma temple in Kannepally.  According to Girijan tradition today, Saralamma will be brought on a mattress from Kannepalli to Kumbh site, after which Mahakumbh will begin.

 This tribal Kumbh is held once every two years in Telangana.  The Telangana government has released 75 crores for this Mahakumbh.  In this Kumbh, people from tribal communities from different states of Telangana will offer prayers to Sammakka Saralamma.  The Kumbh Organizer Committee has arranged medical, bus, drinking water and lodging for the devotees coming to Kumbh.

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