11 Feb 2020

One More Nirbhaya Passes Away

A heart wrenching report has been coming from Vardha district of Maharashtra where a 25 year old lecturer has lost her battle of life.

According to reports coming in 25 year old Ankita Pisude had rejected the marriage proposal of a 27 year old Vikesh Nagrale who was already married and a father of one child.  Angered by the rejection he poured petrol and lit her publicly on February 03. 

Ankita had 40% burn injuries and was on ventilator and was on life support. She had also lost her eye sight. Police has arrested the accused. People of Maharashtra came down to streets and has been asking to hang the culprit.

This is not the first time that a girl is attacked.  The pain of Nirbhaya is still fresh and her parents have still been fighting to give her justice but till today the hanging of the culprits of Nirbhaya is far from reality.  

When will this end?  The judicial system is just witnessing Nirbhaya's one after another.  While writing this blog I can feel the pain of the Ankita, Nirbhaya and many more and the hardships of parents and the helpless society which has not been able to give a secured life to the future of the country. Will it someday end? Hope never ends but life does.

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