17 Feb 2020

Priyanka Gandhi May Soon Enter Parliament Through Rajya Sabha Seat

According to the latest reports coming in about the Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi.  

It is said that Priyanka Gandhi may soon enter the Parliament.  She may get elected in Parliament from Rajya Sabha.  Sources say that Priyanka Gandhi can be made a Rajya Sabha MP from Chhattisgarh.  Also she has been offered a Rajya Sabha MP by the Rajasthan government, although from where she will become a Rajya Sabha member, it has not been finalized yet.

 Priyanka Gandhi is active in politics before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.  She has taken command of Uttar Pradesh, but has not yet fought any election.  Although she was keen to contest from Varanasi against PM Modi, the party high command did not allow her to contest.

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