4 Feb 2020

Punjab Farmers In Support For Shaheen Bagh

The protesters who have been holding the CAA and NRC for the past several days in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, the capital of the country, have now got the support of the farmers of Punjab.  

Now these farmers will be involved in the performance of Shaheen Bagh.  Today, about 800 farmers will leave Sangrur in Punjab for Shaheen Bagh and will be in protest for the next four days.  In the same Shaheen Bagh, the security of the protest venue has been increased due to the shootings.  Police administration has deployed SSB and Jharkhand Armed Forces here.

 Voting is to be held in Delhi on February 8 and in the last week of elections, Shaheen Bagh has become a political arena.  If the BJP is blaming the Shaheen Bagh performance for the Aam Aadmi Party, then the AAP says that the central government is raising the issue of Shaheen Bagh for the elections.

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