8 Feb 2020

Voting for 70 seats of Delhi Assembly Election Continues

The voting for all 70 seats for the Delhi Assembly elections has started and people can be seen on polling booths.Polling booths have long queues for voting since morning. 1 crore 47 lakh 86 thousand voters of Delhi will decide the fate of 672 candidates in all 70 seats.

Taking care of the conveyance on such an important day of voting, the Metro service has started in Delhi from four o'clock in the morning. Apart from this, there is free transport facility for the disabled voters above 80 years of age and above. The voting percentage in the Assembly elections in Delhi has increased every time. The 2015 assembly election saw 67.12 percent voting, which is the highest voting record since 1993.

There are 1 crore 47 lakh 86 thousand voters in all 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Of these, the number of men is 81.05 lakhs, while the number of women voters is 66.80 lakhs. The number of first time voters is 2.32 lakh.

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