2 Feb 2020

Woman Attacked In Private Parts By Boyfriend Wife In Gujarat

A surprising case has emerged from Gujarat.  In Ahmedabad, Gujarat a wife attacked her husband girl friend and put chilli powder in the private parts and also threatened to throw acid on her.  

The victim, a 22-year-old woman, has lodged a complaint at the police station, alleging that her ex-boyfriend's wife, along with two of her companions, has put chili powder in her private part.  Not only this, they have also threatened to throw acid on her.

 According to the information received, Girish Goswami runs a clothing store.  The victim used to work at this shop.  There was a love affair between the two, but later the woman left the job from Girish's shop. 

Two months after leaving the job, the girl got a call from Girish, then both of them started talking.  When Girish's wife came to know about this, the wife got angry and brought the young woman home with the help of another woman and took her clothes off and put chili in the genitals.  The police has arrested all the accused in the case.

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