27 Mar 2020

China Land Of Weird Food Culture

Corona virus as this name suggest is a dreadful disease which has taken the shape of an pandemic and has taken up big toll of people from across the globe. 

It all started from a fish market in China where a woman who used to sell fishes got infected with this virus.  She is known to be the first carrier of this disease.

China the land which is known to have a weird food culture. It is known that Chinese aise eat almost anything from Panthon, snakes, lizards, octopus, dogs, cats, bats and even cockroaches.

This virus which has killed so many people also started with the food market of China.  This food market consists of dogs which are fried or boiled and then eaten. Same way cat and bats are also eaten.

There is a cockroach factory as well where cockroaches are given environment to breed ID and then these cockroaches are supplied to the market in China where they are sold in kilos.

China holds large buildings as the home and places where these insects are breeded.  The cockroaches are often boiled and then tried before they are being sent to Chinese market for consumption.

Now it is up to the the readers to have an opinion of what kind of food these Chinese eat and how this infection got started.

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