12 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Declared World Epidemic By World Health Organization

As per the reports World Health organisation has declared Covid 19 as pandemic since around 1,20,000 confirmed cases has been found all over the world and more than 4300 casualties has been reported so far.

However around 60000 patients have said to have been recovered from this disease.  As per reports US has cancelled travel to European countries.

In a method development WHO has stated COVID-19 as pandemic and announcing COVID-19 as pandemic this suggest that no medical insurance and claims will be entertained in case of any fatality by this disease.

 By declaring COVID-19 as epidemic it had directly affected the world markets as all the world markets has crashed drastically. 

US market has collapsed and also Indian stock exchange has fallen down roughly buy 1400 points bringing the market down at 34900 and the Nifty is now trading below 10,000 mark

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