3 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Knocks India: Health Authorities Alert

Coronavirus which has emerged from China and is spreading all over the world has given its beat on India's capital Delhi.  

According to latest reports coming in recently a person returned from Italy to India has been found to be suffering from Corona virus and he has been tested positive for the virus. 

Another reports is also coming from Telangana where another person who had returned from Dubai has been found positive with coronavirus as he had shown symptoms of Corona virus.

One person who is an Italian citizen and has come to Jaipur has also been tested positive with coronavirus.  All the three patients are cordoned and have been taken into isolation.  Health authorities have been alerted and measures are taken to fight this dreaded disease.  

In another spree symptoms of corona virus have been found in a school children of Noida.  About 40 people have been tested in Noida so far.  The school has been closed.

Modi government has issued an alert due to the corona virus feet touching thr country.  The Karnataka government has called an emergency meeting on the corona virus. 

Restlessness has arisen in Delhi's Noida over the Corona virus. Due to corona virus, more than 3000 people have died worldwide, while more than 88000 people are suffering from this dangerous disease.

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