6 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Update:- Suspected Cases And Confirmed Case On Rise

Latest reports about coronavirus has confirmed that till now around 47 patients have been confirmed in India.  

With around 44 active patients right now after three patients of Kerala recovered from the disease.

With 16 new patients have been placed in quarantine in Rajasthan including a two year old toddler.

The confirmed cases includes 15 Italian tourist and one Indian driver who was with them in Rajasthan. One man who travelled to Italy and another who had a travel history of Malaysia and Thailand both from Delhi.

From Agra six family members of Delhi patient. From Hyderabad one Bengaluru techie who had come back from Dubai. From Ghaziabad a Paytm employee who recently came back from a trip of Italy.

One 57 year old man who had just returned from Tehran have also been tested positive.

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