22 Mar 2020

Deserted Looks Of Streets All Across India

Janta curfew has been reported all over the country and the states of India have been wearing a deserted look.

Essential services is remaining open and people working on those essential services are working.  In Delhi policemen have been distributing flowers to people who are on roads today and requesting everyone to stay home.

In Mumbai railway stations giving a deserted look as people are choosing to stay inside and only police personnel can be seen in the railway stations on their duties.

Janata curfew being followed in prayagraj and streets have faith in giving the deserted look.

In Jammu and Kashmir police personal help line marking on the streets and requesting people to stay in doors and be safe.

Today's Janta curfew has been followed all over the country by the request of PM Modi who had appealed to the people of India to stay home and stay safe.

All trains including mail and Express trains are also cancelled across the country till 10:00 p.m. today.

Meerut is also seen all shut down and people are observing Janta curfew with deserted looks on street.

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