21 Mar 2020

India To Lock Itself In Homes As Tomorrow As Janta Curfew

India stands lock on 22nd March 2020 as a preventive measure for Corona virus spread.  This is termed as Janata curfew by our prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

According to reports coming in there will be minimum rail traffic tomorrow as many train stands cancelled including Shatabdi and Tejas which are the premium trains of India.

As per reports coming in many cities including Bengaluru has been 30% shutdown before 22nd as the situation of the country is worsening. 

Tomorrow is Janata curfew and it will be a small exercise for the people to stay indoors and clap for those people who are working at 5 o'clock in the evening.

Schools have been shut down in almost every city of the country. However hospitals, chemist and shops of daily utilities will remain of open.

Citizens are advised and motivated to stay inside and lock themselves in. As right now India is on the second phase of Corona virus but situation may worsen as cases reported of this disease are increasing.

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