4 Mar 2020

Rahul Gandhi's Visit To Riot Affected Area

The violence erupted in the country's capital Delhi over CAA.  Relief work is being carried out in the areas.  Today a delegation of Congress leaders arrived in Delhi to visit the violence affected area.  

Rahul Gandhi was also in this delegation.  During this, Rahul Gandhi visited the school in Brijpuri area of ​​Delhi.

At this time after looking at the condition of school Rahul Gandhi said,"Is this the future of India?  No one benefited from the violence.  Whatever is being distributed and burnt by it Bharat Mata is affected." During the tour of violence affected area Rahul Gandhi appealed to the people that everyone should live together and work together with love.

On February 24, there was violence outbreak in Delhi which continued for three days.  So far 46 people have died in this violence.  

The Congress had also raised the issue of Delhi violence in Parliament.  During this time the Congress also demanded Amit Shah's resignation in Parliament.

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