10 Apr 2020

Mother Of Three Travelled 1400 Km On Two Wheeler To Bring Back Her Son

Love can put all the barriers away from any person.  These phrases have so much of truth and themselves in today's world as even on Corona pandemic spread love can put all the boundaries and barriers apart.

These phrases were made true when a mother travelled 1400 km on a two wheeler just to bring back her son home.

This story is coming up of Razia Begum from Bodhan, Nizamabad.  As per reports she road on a two wheeler 1400 km to Nellore in Andhra Pradesh to bring back her son.

As per reports coming in her son I was stranded in Nellore as he was studying there when the lock down took place and he didn't had any resource of coming back.

As a mother she couldn't face the irony and the pain of a son and she approached ACP of area and detailed him of all the problems she and her son was facing.  

Nazia mother of 3 and a teacher by profession convinced ACP who gave her letter of permission to travel.

She in turn to the permission and brought back her son by travelling 1400 kilometre in one go. Har road was filled with obstacles and even she faced forest area as well.

But according to Nazia, she overcome all the obstacles and manage to get her son back home safely.

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