1 Apr 2020

Oldest Survivor Of Covid-19 Recovers Fully At The Age Of 93

Today India news media gives you a story of 93 year old man who is the oldest survivor of covid-19.

As per reports Thomas is teetotaler and announce Mocha. His food consist of simple rice gruel and snacks which are prepared by jackfruit.

And only this is the food he had while he was in a isolation what admitted for the treatment of covid-19.  He used to ask doctors to serve him this very simple food..

According to the doctors treating him his cure is the miracle cure in the history and what we have known till date.  

When he became krona positive it was a major task because he was the oldest person and covid-19 has a history that old patients are not able to recover from this disease.

it was expected that Thomas from Kerala would also not able to recover and he would have succumbed to his injuries. 

But he had shocked everyone by recovering so fast from this disease.

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