13 Apr 2020

People's Bank Of China Now Is Holding Shares Of 1.1% In HDFC Bank

Report coming in from HDFC Bank as People's Bank of China have purchased 1.75 crores of shares in one of the largest bank of the country that is HDFC Bank.

The people's Bank Of China have bought 1.01 % of the shareholding of HDFC Bank as confirmed by the stock exchange.  The information was shared while the stock exchange brief the media regarding the the March quarter selling and purchasing in stock exchange

As per reports the shares were purchased from the month of January to March 2020.  As during this period the value of this share was on a discount and were a little low and down by 32%.

During this period the benchmark of the Nifty has shown a decline of 25% and sensex has shown the decline of 26%.

HDFC bank has always been an eye catching stock of stock market as LIC has also increased its holding by 4.67 percent.

As per the vice chairman and CEO of HDFC Bank Keki Mistry shared through Moneycontrol that the people's Bank of China already had a share in HDFC Bank as it had purchased 0.1 % of share in March 2019.

According to Keki Mistry the People's Bank of China have been accumulating the shares for more than a year and now have 1.1% of stockholding in the bank.

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