8 Apr 2020

PM Modi To Hold Meeting Of Various Chief Minister's On April 11th 2020

Reports having coming in from Prime Minister office which suggest that PM Modi will be video conferencing Chief Ministers of all the states of the country on April 11th 2020.

Right now Dhaka country is under complete lockdown for 21 days which will end on April 14, 2020.  

It is speculated that April 11th meeting of Prime Minister Modi with various chief ministers of the states will be e for the extension of the lockdown of the country.

Today PM Modi had a video conferencing for 3 and half hours with leaders of various political parties of the country.  

PM Modi has appreciated and thanked all the leaders of various political parties for helping in the complete lockdown of the country for 21 days which is supposedly to end on April 14.

PM Modi has praised all the state governments for their efforts and the way they have been working together to make the lock down of the states successful and their tremendous efforts in stopping the spread of covid-19 virus.

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