7 Apr 2020

President Trump Warns Of Retaliation Against India If Not Supplied With Chloroquine

According to reports coming in from USA where President Donald Trump health said that if India don't provide with the anti malaria drug i.e. chloroquine to US.  

Then India may face retaliation from USA.  As reported earlier India had put a ban on export of anti malaria medicines and including some other medicines on Sunday.

According to President Trump when he had called PM Modi then PM Modi haven't shared him with the ban on the medicine.  

But if in this stage India rejects to export anti malaria medicine to USA then and it may face retaliation and that is obvious.

As reported Prime Minister Modi on Sunday had banned chloroquine including other medicines from exporting as these medicines have been in constant demand by various other Nations for example Sri Lanka Nepal Indonesia etc.  

As according to latest survey this is the only medicine which has been proved helpful in curing the patients suffering from covid-19 infection.

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