23 Apr 2020

Six Foreign Tourists Found In Cave In Rishikesh

There has been news coming up regarding 6 foreign tourist who have been hiding in a Rishikesh caves since March 24, 2020.

As per reports this six tourist were living in a hotel in Rishikesh when the lockdown started in India.  When the Lockdown started they were also quarantined.  

When these tourist ran out of money they decided to shift in a cave to survive.  

When police came to know about them, The tourist were shifted to an ashram in Rishikesh for two ways where there will be quarantined.

However the tourist did not show any sign of covid-19 and now the local administration as well as Government of India is crying to send them to their countries.

According to reports this group of six tourists hails from Ukraine, Nepal, France, Germany and United States of America.

Rishikesh has been famous among the foreign tourist because the Beatles' group has set up an ashram there.

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