21 Apr 2020

Trending Matching Masks For Every Dress

With the spread of covid-19 around the globe everyone is taking precautions to avoid being in direct contact with the disease.

To start this people around the globe are now using face mask, gloves and caps so that the infection could be avoided and may not be transmitted.

In India we are getting normal N95 mask and various other masks handmade mask also there but these mass are very simple and does not carry any designs on it.

But in Europe the fashion trends have engulfed mask also.  Just a while before we have seen President Zuzana Capitova of Slovakia has wore a mask which was in combination with her dress.  The Mask and gloves were color co-ordinate to the colour of a dress she was wearing in a meeting.  

President Zuzana broke the internet this weekend with her arrival in the swearing in ceremony of her new government when she colour coordinated her Kuzmi dress with her mask.

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