21 May 2020

15 Year Old Dies After Denied Dialysis By Six Mumbai Hospitals

Report writing coming in from Navi Mumbai where a 15 year old boy passed away due to kidney infection when his parents came to 6 different hospitals in Mumbai where his treatment was denied for dialysis.

According to reports coming in the 15 year old boy Pawan from sampada Maharashtra was suffering from kidney ailment and required regular dialysis.

According to the father of Pawan since his son was suffering from kidney ailment his father took him to the hospital after he gained fever and infection and when he took him to hospital one by one six hospitals denied admission to him because he did not carry covid-19 negative report with him.

The NMMC hospital chief has ordered and enquiry in the case.  However father of Pawan said that the NMMC didn't guided them properly resulting in the death of his son on May 16th.

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